Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CSAW CTF - Exploitables300 - FTP

This is a continuation of Reversing 300 challenge. The goal is to read the flag file. But the binary has a protection, if filename has 'f' character, then the request is considered invalid. This invalid character 'f' used for comparison is saved as part of bss memory, hence writeable.

There were few bugs in this binary

[*] Buffer overflow in password handling function @ 0x040159B. Input buffer is copied into stack till space character
password_sz = strlen(pass_command);
for ( i = 0; *pass_command != ' ' && password_sz-1 >= i; ++i )
    c = pass_command++;
    command[i] = *c;                            
USER blankwall
Please send password for user blankwall
login with USER PASS
[0x4017c5] __stack_chk_fail(4, 0x403086, 21, -1*** stack smashing detected ***: ./ftp_0319deb1c1c033af28613c57da686aa7 terminated
 <no return ...>
[pid 34300] [0x7ffff7a4bcc9] --- SIGABRT (Aborted) ---
[pid 34300] [0xffffffffffffffff] +++ killed by SIGABRT +++
[*] Buffer overflow in command handling function @ 0x00402673, same as password handling function
memset(command, 0, 128);

command_sz = strlen(command_string);
for ( i = 0; *command_string != ' ' && command_sz-1 >= i; ++i )
   c = command_string++;
   command[i] = *c;                        
[*] Arbitrary NUL write when handling STOR command @ 0x00401DF9. Amount of bytes received is not checked and used as index for string termination
while (1)
    bytes_read = recv(socket, file_information, 10, 0);
    total_size += bytes_read;

file_information[total_size] = 0;
file_information buffer resides above invalid character buffer, hence could be used to toggle off the invalid charcacter byte.
.bss:0000000000604408 invalid_character dd ?  
RAX: 0x208
=> 0x401ee0: mov    BYTE PTR [rax+0x604200],0x0

gdb-peda$ x/x 0x604200+0x208
0x604408: 0x0000000000000066
[*] The file_information buffer is used in couple of other functions like LIST and RETR, which could also overwrite the invalid character byte.
Direction Type Address         Text                                     
--------- ---- -------         ----                                     
          o    LIST:loc_401BAD mov     [rbp+s], offset file_information 
Down      o    LIST+26F        mov     esi, offset file_information     
Down      o    STOR+8F         mov     esi, offset file_information; buf
Down      w    STOR+E7         mov     ds:file_information[rax], 0      
Down      o    RETR+134        mov     edi, offset file_information; ptr
Down      o    RETR+158        lea     rsi, file_information[rax]; buf  
Flag for the challenge is flag{exploiting_ftp_servers_in_2015}

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