List of Vulnerabilities


FreeBSD Bhyve - CVE-2019-5609 - OOB write or uninitialized pointer access in e1000 device

FreeBSD Bhyve - CVE-2019-5604 - OOB read in XHCI device

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2019-2553 - Directory traversal vulnerability in TFTP server

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2019-2552 - Heap overflow due to incorrect validation of TFTP blocksize option


FreeBSD Bhyve - CVE-2018-17160 - Firmware configuration device OOB write

FreeBSD BOOTP - CVE-2018-17161- Stack buffer overflow in BOOTP server

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2018-2844 - Compiler optimization introduced double fetch in VBVA

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2018-2842 - Integer overflow in VDMA vboxVDMACmdCheckCrCmd

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2018-2845 - Integer overflow in VDMA vboxVDMACrCmdVbvaPagingFill

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2018-2843 - OOB write in HGSMI hgsmiChannelHandler

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2018-2676 - Integer overflow in HGCM

Hewlett Packard Enterprise - CVE-2018-7112 - Information disclosure in cpqsysio.sys driver


QEMU - CVE-2017-11434 - OOB read in DHCP options and vendor extensions parsing

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2017-10233 - Buffer overflow in VirtualKD debugger device

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2017-10428 - Uninitialized memory disclosure in Pluggable Device Manager (PDM)

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2017-10210 - VMSVGA integer overflow while validating numMipLevels in vmsvga3dSurfaceDefine

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2017-10236 - VMSVGA paMipLevelSizes not validated in vmsvga3dSurfaceDefine

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2017-10240, CVE-2017-10408 - VMSVGA integer overflows in vmsvga3dSurfaceDMA

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2017-10239, CVE-2017-10407 - VMSVGA integer overflows in vmsvgaGMRTransfer

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2017-10392 - VMSVGA memory corruption in SVGA_CMD_DEFINE_CURSOR


Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2016-5610 - Heap overflow vulnerability in NAT DHCP server

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2016-5611 - OOB read vulnerability in NAT DHCP server

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2016-5608 - Incomplete patch for CVE-2016-3597

Oracle VirtualBox - CVE-2016-3597 - Lack of restriction in USB filters leading to kernel memory exhaustion

Apple Keynote - CVE-2016-7672 - OOB read in accessing object array leading to code execution

OpenSLP - CVE-2016-7567 - Wild copy in memcpy call of SLPFoldWhiteSpace function due to invalid size calculation


Linux Kernel - CVE-2014-9585 - Improper randomization of vDSO leading to ASLR bypass in Linux kernel prior to 3.18.2

Apple Safari - CVE-2014-1349 - Use-after-free when handling invalid URLs in Apple iOS Safari